Tuesday, 24 April 2012

Ordinary Miracles.


There is the most spectacular rainbow that I have ever seen in my whole life outside my window right now! In the bottom bow which is the brightest by a long way there are two sets of colours, it is a very low bow and has been there for at least twenty minutes now. 

Seeing rainbows has always been a very magical occurrence for me, they often happen at times of great change in my life, or when things seem like they are meant to be. I wonder how life would be if there was always a rainbow in the sky? Perhaps they would become ordinary? I wonder if people who can regularly see the Northern lights are used to them and no longer find them magical?

Life is a magical occurrence. I wonder if part of the reason that it is so easy to take it for granted is that it can seem ordinary? I wake up each day, I do a whole lot of stuff, and then I go to sleep. 
What about the miracle of my physical body, or the magic of a thinking mind? What are thoughts? What are memories? Where are they stored? How can a baby grow inside its mother? The only way to get here is through another being. There is nothing ordinary about life, or put another way, life is a string of Ordinary Miracles. With my eyes wide open the world is miraculous. 

My baby and I looked at a field of cows today, she looked at me and looked at the cows and started to point and wave her arms in the air, she has seen cows before, but not enough times to not be amazed. Her whole little face shone with amazement and interest, she watched them for a while enthusiastically and then shouted to them a few times, she was rewarded by the whole field of cows mooing and then moving into another field. 
Cows I thought, and looked again, I watched them more closely, looked into their eyes. Yes, cows are amazing, my baby was right. I had become accustomed to cows, I had an idea of what I thought they were, I had filed my cow image somewhere in my mind, perhaps I thought I knew all about them, they seemed ordinary to me. 

Ringing in my ears are the words someone once said to me, that if we were to recognise and acknowledge all the sights and sensations of the world going on at any one time it would be a sensory overload and we would not be able to cope. But there must be a happy medium between sensory overload and the half alive half noticed mundanisation (I think I may have just made up a word!) of the astonishing nature of our physical world. 

My discovery is that the more I do notice the natural beauty and incredible uniqueness of just about everything I encounter, the more happy I am, the more I enjoy life. The more present I am the less time there is for overactive brain work. When I really see, when my eyes are really open and watching the world I feel glorious, engaged, enraptured, and absorbed by the magnificence of life. 

We live in a physical world, we are supposed to notice it, study it and enjoy it. 

The rainbow is gone now and my eyes are drawn to my partners kilt, a kind of man made textile rainbow, I never noticed before just how vibrant it is. Ok so it is not made of sunlight and rain, but it is still an ordinary magical miracle. How beautiful. 

Today I have Loving Gratitude for all the Ordinary Miracles by which I am surrounded
I have Loving Gratitude for my funny cup shaped like a crocodile
I have Loving Gratitude for rainbows
I have Loving Gratitude for my children
I have Loving Gratitude for fabric
I have Loving Gratitude for velvet
I have Loving Gratitude for silk
I have Loving Gratitude for big burly bark 
I have Loving Gratitude for smooth silky bark
I have Loving Gratitude for all the natural grown materials which have been used to make things in my house

                                                            This really made me smile! 

love Klara. 

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