Thursday, 10 May 2012

Challenges, Challenges, Challenges!!!


Yesterday I set myself the challenge to write a song, which I promised to write last September, and I am very pleased and excited to say that I got most of it done! I have written the majority of the words and although I do not yet have a tune I feel like it is nearly done! Hooray. 

It seems like a time for setting myself challenges at the moment, I am so full of inspiration to do so many things and having a little baby I am finding it a challenge (!) to find time to spend on my inspirations! 

This morning I got up early and took my daughter to school for eight o'clock, she likes to arrive early when she can to take part in the morning games which go on at her school, it amazes me that she likes school so much! Once I had dropped her off I went on for a walk up the Tor with my baby in the sling. It felt wonderful! It was deliciously misty and mysteriously magical! Once we got out of town and into the meadows and heard the chorus of morning birds singing I felt the dust lifting from my heart, it was one of those moments when I think to myself "Of course! This is why I am alive! "

I have always been a walker, I love to walk, pretty much anywhere, but especially in the countryside. I have been walking lately, but not nearly enough, in fact I think a whole two weeks may have gone by without me going out walking (apart from the walk to Durdle Door on monday, but somehow that doesn't seem to count). 

So what with my new challenge to meditate on, talk about or do the things I love every day, I realised I needed to set myself a couple of other challenges! Just thinking about and talking about the things I love is not enough for me! I need to do the do! 
So my first new challenge is to go for a walk every day in the fields rain or shine, I think I may even go out at night if I don't make it in the day, I feel so rejuvenated by my walk today, it seems to me that what with the challenges of looking after a little baby, like the extreme tiredness I am currently experiencing and the lack of time to myself, that even with my blog to keep my mind thinking in the most productive life enhancing way, I am still not getting the maximum enjoyment to be had out of life. 
I must go out walking! I need to walk! Walking fills me with fresh air, beautiful sights and sounds and bucketfuls of inspiration! 

My second challenge that I am setting for myself today is to play at least one song every day! For a musician that sounds like very little, but for me with the demands of parenting sometimes whole weeks go by without me playing my instruments. By a bizzarre twist of fate (I have always wanted to say that, although I'm not entirely sure that it really is one, but let's not split hairs) I do sing everyday because my baby is only happy in the car when we sing, preferably in harmony! 

When we know what the things are which make us happy, we have a responsibility to ourselves to do them. Some people are driven to do the things which interest them, and I believe I am driven, but somehow all the other stuff I have to do gets in the way and my joyous creative activities can get pushed aside. 

Well not any more! I am very good at sticking to things which I promise myself that I will do! Particularly when I am doing them so publicly! 

So from today onwards I shall be walking an playing music everyday, I feel very excited, and I have absolutely no idea when I will be able to fit in the music bit! But I don't mind.

I feel blessed to know what my passions are and I am looking forward to making them happen for myself. As my own best friend I have a responsibility to look after myself so that is what I am going to do, rain or shine, day or night! 

Today I am Thankful for the meadows full of wild flowers
I am Thankful for the morning song of the wild birds
I am Thankful for all the creatures which are wild and free
I am Thankful for my wildness and my freedom
I am Thankful for my voice
I am Thankful for the harmonies my partner and I sing
I am Thankful for my musical instruments
I am Thankful for the challenges I set myself
I am Thankful for my strong legs which carry me so well
I am Thankful for my strong back for supporting my dreams

love Klara. 

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