Friday, 25 May 2012

Divine Silliness.....


Today I have a very small amount of time to write! My baby has gone out with her daddy so I would have had an hour but I have had to spend quite a lot of it helping my ten year old daughter to move through a disappointment.; she did not get the part in the play that she wanted and now her thoughts are running riot telling her not to join in at all if she can't have the part she wants. Actually I know just how she feels! Disappointment can be really hard to deal with at times.

I have a habitual response to disappointment (as does my daughter) and it can take quite a concerted effort to get off the thought train of disappointment once it has left the station. With my daughter I noticed her thoughts becoming increasingly miserable and self deprecating as they went along, until she lay sobbing on the bed. She has not yet learnt to stem the flow of unhappy thoughts by herself and needs help to move into a better feeling place. 

I do believe that at times it is good to let all the thoughts which accompany disappointment come and wash over me, however if that has already been indulged I think it is crucial for my well being to find a way to stop the deluge of negative thoughts and focus on something for which I feel grateful. 

THOUGHTS REPRODUCE IN THEIR OWN LIKENESS! and not only that but we have well worn grooves (a highly technical term!) in our brains which thoughts move along, the more we think a thought the more naturally and easily it comes to our minds, therefore if one is used to thinking negative, positive or particular thoughts then they are the ones which will come with the least effort. We are in fact subject to habitual thinking, and therefore need to make an effort to think positive thoughts. 

Today I used my "Winning Stance" method of changing my daughters focus; the method is simple, repeatedly adopt winning stances until you are laughing out loud. It might feel silly and crazy but it works! Silly and crazy are good if they bring about good feeling thoughts. We pretended to be olympic winners and before long my daughter was laughing heartily and went off to do something else. 
Believe it or not research has proven (!) that people who adopt winning postures are more successful and happier than people who have poor posture! 

So that's all I have time to say today, except of course for all the things for which I feel thankful......

Today I have Loving Gratitude for cold water
I have Loving Gratitude for the glorious colours of the sky
I have Loving Gratitude for ice lollies
I have Loving Gratitude for silk 
I have Loving Gratitude for magical plants 
I have Loving Gratitude for aloe vera
I have Loving Gratitude for my vegetable garden
I have Loving Gratitude for my daughters smiles
I have Loving Gratitude for the power of winning stances
I have Loving Gratitude for Divine silliness

love Klara. 

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