Sunday, 6 May 2012

A New Challenge:120 Days Of Feeding The Flames Of Joy!


Today I have been thinking about ways of living each moment of each day in a state of joy. I have been wondering why my mood is so ordinary? I feel fine most of the time, but in a very ordinary way, just sort of level and fairly placid, and of course that is perfectly OK, there is nothing wrong with feeling fine and OK, but I know that JOY is out there and I would like to feel joyful for more of the time! 

So, what makes me feel joyful? Going out dancing brings out my joy very well, I went out last night and spent the evening with a broad smile on my face and in my heart, it was a very exciting evening firstly because my baby actually slept for a while when we arrived and my partner and I were able to dance alone for a while, and secondly because when our baby did wake up she had such a happy time dancing and exploring that we all felt like it was a really successful evening. 

I found myself in a really uplifted state of mind, joy was coursing through my body, rushes of excitement buzzed throughout me and I felt marvellous. So that is how it feels to be joyful for me. 

Another occasion happened yesterday also, we went to do archery with a friend and he had set up targets in a little patch of overgrown woodland, which we had to shoot at over branches and through thickets, it was one of the most exciting things I have done for a while, again I found myself smiling from ear to ear, I loved it so much I didn't mind not hitting the targets or that my baby was unhappy for a while, I was exhilarated, engaged and enthralled, I had a really great time!

So it seems to me that when I am home and things seem flat, I need to fan the flames of Joy, I need to think of those very occasions which bring me so much joy and feed that part of me. I could talk them over and remember them in detail and plan more of them. 

It seems to me that during my years of depression I spent plenty of time thinking over and focusing on that which does not please me, perhaps it became some sort of habit. I made a habit of low level feelings, I became expert at seeing that which brought about anxiety or misery in me, and really now I am over it. 

I would like to become an expert at feeding and fanning the flames of Joy! I hereby set myself a new challenge! I can't believe I am doing this!  Just over a week ago I finished my challenge to write my blog for one hundred and twenty days and now I need a new one. 

So here it is: I challenge myself to fan the flames of Joy for one hundred and twenty days! 

i would like to be clear now about what exactly I intend to do in this new challenge, my original challenge was to actively choose good feeling thoughts each day and each hour and each minute of my life, and that mission certainly has served me in so many ways. 
So, it is my new intention to spend as much time as is practically possible each day actually focusing  more specifically on activities which I love to do, by either doing them if it is at all possible or, by talking about them or thinking and meditating on them in order to feed the joy in my heart. 

Each day I shall still write my blog, including an update on what I have focused on that day to fan the flames of my joy. 

Now that I am suitable excited I'm off to start talking with my family about what makes me joyful! 

Today I Have Loving Gratitude for Joy
I Have Loving Gratitude for archery practice in the woods
I Have Loving Gratitude for breton dancing
I Have Loving Gratitude for any kind of dancing! 
I Have Loving Gratitude for live music played by talented musicians
I Have Loving Gratitude for the lush green woods
I Have Loving Gratitude for the joy of great memories
I Have Loving Gratitude for warm spring sunshine
I Have Loving Gratitude for the dinner cooking downstairs
I Have Loving Gratitude for my lovely family

love Klara. 

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