Wednesday, 23 May 2012

The Joy of Challenging Times


One of the concepts which has caused me the most upset and depression in life is the idea that the way the world currently is not the way I would like it to be! I have found myself living in a reality which does not suit my sensibilities! 
For many years I simply mourned the way the world was, as I perceived it, I called it my world sorrow, and it took up much of my time, indeed for a great deal of my life I felt paralysed by what I viewed as the unsuitability of the world for my sensibilities. 
There are parts of the world where I imagine I could be happy, and I used to believe that if only I had the money to move there I would be happy and I felt angry that there were all these seemingly arbitrary unfair barriers to my happiness! 

That was of course before my mission began to choose good feeling thoughts! Since then I have not suffered from my world sorrow, phew, but it has at times been in the background. 
Then the other day I began to think about my world sorrow again, Thankfully I was not swept into despair! I thought about it from a different perspective, an entirely new perspective; What can I learn from finding myself living in a reality which is not as I desire it?
What are the spiritual purposes of finding oneself in a reality which does not appear to suit ones desires?

These questions intrigued me! Perhaps there are some people alive who find themselves on Earth living the kind of life they would have chosen for themselves on a very basic level, time passes for them, they have the right relationships, each day comes and goes they enjoy sunrise and sunset, dinner is served, they swim in the sea each day........
There is no challenge to their equilibrium, they are utterly content, nothing to learn, nothing to loose.........

Strangely enough this actually sounds quite boring to me! Until I thought about the idea of living a life without challenge it never occurred to me that that might actually be quite a boring option!  Maybe these people do exist and perhaps their souls purpose is to live an uneventful life. 

Every challenge I have faced in my life has taught me a valuable lesson, sometimes it can take years for the lesson to become clear, but I am certain that without them there would be no growth. Without challenge I do believe we stay the same, our opinions do not change, the truth is not revealed, our understanding of new concepts cannot develop. 

Finding myself living in a place and time which is not on a cursory level as I would have chosen it to be actually provides for me the maximum amount of possibilities for learning and growth that could be! 
Life in modern England is a Gift! It is a Gift of Challenge and Maximum Possibility for Spiritual and Ordinary Development!

Here I am utterly surrounded by opportunities to grow and learn, they may not always be comfortable, but within the challenges of life are the hidden gems of learning. Learning and truth are beautiful. When I finally see why something happened to me, when I finally understand what story the story held within it just for me I feel good, I feel pleased, I have Grown. 

I do not pretend to understand life the Universe and everything, (although when the answer is 42 and the question is six times nine who would understand?) and I shall be pleasantly surprised if I do before I die, life is certainly better when it is spent looking at life's challenges with an eye of curiosity, questioning all the time "what can I learn from this situation about life and about myself?"
I have finished mourning the way I would have liked life to present itself to me, it was just a red herring, a trick of the mind, a product of poor thinking. 

             Life is beautiful, exciting and rewarding. 

Today I have Loving Gratitude for all the lessons I have had so far which have helped me to grow
I have Loving Gratitude for the song of the seasons
I have Loving Gratitude for the contrasts which help me to hone my preferences
I have Loving Gratitude for where I was born
I have Loving Gratitude for my loving family
I have Loving Gratitude for my friends
I have Loving Gratitude for games
I have Loving Gratitude for stories
I have Loving Gratitude for proverbs
I have Loving Gratitude for helpful strangers

love Klara. 

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