Tuesday, 15 May 2012

Sunshine and Buttercups!


I have been out walking everyday since I set myself the challenge, and today after a really difficult day yesterday I went out for an early morning walk. I was struck first of all by what an icy wind there was, it is the middle of May which I remember as usually being a fairly mild month, warm even, but this morning the wind felt wintery! 

I was struck by several things on this walk, firstly that nothing in the natural world is never the same. We live on a planet on which things change constantly; our world is constantly new. A walk up the Tor for example can show the dramatic nature of the change which is continuously happening to our world; Glastonbury Tor (in Somerset England) used to be beneath a the sea! but since then climates have changed, land masses have shifted and the world is unrecognisable to how it was then. 

Our world in a geological timescale is something we touch on only lightly, I very much feel that I am just a visitor, a tourist really. I am here to witness the beauty of the world as it is right now! I walk across the surface, occasionally I move a little below the surface when I visit caves, perhaps I will fly above the Earth if I go on a plane, but mostly I dwell on the surface in my temporary shelter for I do not think our houses will be here for long in geological time! 

It seems so easy to take for granted the way things are, for they will not always be the same, seasons come and go, as do the people who walk the earth, our lives are short geologically. I have often become stressed about the very human ideas of making myself a permanent home, building up wealth and leaving my mark, but in geological time it is utterly meaningless; even in human terms it is pretty pointless! 

I think I would rather not leave any mark when I leave the Earth, perhaps some people will remember me for a time and maybe they will enjoy my music and stories but really this life is to be enjoyed right now, every day. 

The second thing I noticed on my walk today was the utter glorious beauty of the world. I walked through fields full of buttercups, buttercups have to be one of the most radiant flowers that I know of, they light up the fields like thousands of tiny fluorescent lamps. Today everything looked magical, grasses waved in the wind, the trees are all just beginning to unfold delicate fresh new leaves and the tiny white flowers of the hawthorn are decorating the hedgerows like flurrys of spring snow. 

I really held in my heart today that Earth is the place to be! In all the Universe planet earth is stunningly diverse in her beauty, it is a constantly changing sensuous movie of technicolour delights. I may only get one life, I have no idea what the world is about, but I would love to live mine out in the fields. My commitment to walking out in the fields every day is the best thing I could possibly have done for myself. I love it! 

I am struck by the beauty of the world. So what if I never 'achieve' anything in human terms? I don't care about human measurements of success anymore, I want to rid myself of them entirely. Real true success to me is walking amongst the beauty of the world and really seeing it, being with nature peacefully. 

The quieter my mind becomes the more I see the beauty of the world. When I walk along thinking I cannot possibly perceive the same things as when I am silent inside and out. 

The wise old owl sat on the oak, 
The more he saw the less he spoke,
The less he spoke the more he heard, 
Why aren't we more like that wise old bird?

I think we all can be as wise as we like, quieting the mind is the quickest way to true peace and happiness, for me at least. 

Today I have Loving Gratitude for Buttercups
I have Loving Gratitude for juicy pears
I have Loving Gratitude for quiet days
I have Loving Gratitude for icy breezes in spring
I have Loving Gratitude for clean cold water
I have Loving Gratitude for people who live with nature
I have Loving Gratitude for sea shells on mountain tops
I have Loving Gratitude for fossil fuels
I have Loving Gratitude for my sensitivity
I have Loving Gratitude for my wealth of creativity

love Klara. 

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