Thursday, 24 May 2012

More Bogus Thoughts


It's late, I have had a really busy day and until now I have not had time to sit down and write. This evening I have a question in mind, it feels poignant; how do I tell the difference between authentic thoughts which need attention and bogus thoughts which lead me astray?

Sometimes when I sit down to write this I look at the statistics to see how many people are reading my posts, when it is what I consider to be a lot I feel good and when it is only a few I feel a bit low. Why on Earth I look at the statistics is a puzzle to me because I shall continue to write whether people read it or not, and yet when I see that a post has only had a couple of reads I wonder whether to continue writing or not! 

It seems to me that the above is a rather typical example of a bogus thought (the one leading me to look at the stats) in action, and why do I follow it? I have been writing this for nearly one hundred and fifty days, and I think I had worked out the enormous benefits for me of the writing of it about fifty days ago! So why on Earth I would continue to look at the stats can only be on following a bogus thought. 

It almost seems as if I am looking for something to feel bad about. I would also think that I was looking in order to feel happy at seeing a large number of page views, is that a bogus thought too?
Who knows where it would lead! Perhaps I am just too tired today, however in my own words happiness is not dependent on external circumstances; HAPPINESS COMES FROM WITHIN!  So looking for external stimuli for happiness can only be BOGUS! HA! 

Bogus thoughts are sooooo sneaky, they are wolves in sheeps clothing! My happiness is not dependent on how many people read my blog, it is a ridiculous notion, laughable in fact that I am writing a blog about my mission to CHOOSE GOOD FEELING THOUGHTS and resting my main philosophy on the fact that HAPPINESS COMES FROM INSIDE OUR HEARTS AND IMAGINATIONS AND OUR GRATITUDE and still bogus thoughts are sneaking in to test me.........

This has made me smile! I guess it is totally forgivable to feel as if it matters what other people think about my writing, to measure my own success on who reads this and who doesn't! 
The Truth of my success is plain and clear as a bright new morning, I AM SUCCESSFUL WHEN I FEEL SUCCESSFUL! and that is all! 

LIfe is all about how we feel, and how we feel is entirely dependent on what we are thinking, so it makes sense to think good feeling thoughts.......

Today I am Grateful for ancient monuments
I am Grateful for the song of the skylark
I am Grateful for the feel of cold mud on the soles of my bare feet
I am Grateful for the cool darkness inside the long barrow
I am Grateful for my courage to go into the dark alone
I am Grateful for the sight of the sunlit world outside the long barrow
I am Grateful for my feet for carrying me today
I am Grateful for my healing body
I am Grateful for the constant challenges of life
I am Grateful for avocados

love Klara.

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