Tuesday, 22 May 2012

Happiness is a gift given to all of mankind


It is a glorious day; every day is a glorious day! The job I have is to remove the smokescreen from the day and see it in its fullest technicolour glory. Some days that is easily done, indeed the smoke screen is hidden by the World-Smile of the Sun; the whole of life looks beautiful, bountiful and inviting. 

The modern measures of success are at times like sticks for me to beat myself with! I should be more successful, more wealthy, taller, my hair should be shinier, my house should be tidier! 

I feel sad when I THINK about the way modern western humans measure success and expect each other to behave and live; there is no room for creativity, imagination, individuality, or God. Achieve, Achieve, Achieve the THOUGHTS say! 

There is some fleeting happiness to be had in modern achievements, shiny cars can make us feel good for a time, big rooms feel airy and spacious, and holidays in the sun provide happy memories. 
What interests me is the idea that happiness is an internal thing, independent of external circumstances. Happiness is a state of mind, I believe it comes from Focus; cultivating the ability to continuously focus upon that which feels pleasant. 

Happiness is a choice, I could always improve my circumstances ad infinitum. Somebody will always have more than me, be richer, more successful, taller, their house could be more attractive, but they cannot possibly be happier than me! 

                Happiness is a gift given to all of mankind!

We all have the power to be happy! I truly believe that our happiness lies with our THOUGHTS. For me it is that simple. 

"I think therefore I am" famously said Descartes in the sixteenth century, well I would like to add to that famous adage! 

                                "I think of all that I am Grateful for Therefore I am Happy! "

I could spend my life thinking of all that I would like to achieve, and indeed dreaming of that which I would like to experience is very valuable and vital to actually experiencing some excitement whilst in the physical body, however I believe that as much time as possible should be spent actively noticing and giving thanks for everything we have that we LOVE!

                                      To Dwell On That Which Feels Wonderful! 

It is a dwelling space, where I dwell in my mind, and in my thoughts, dictates how I feel. If I dwell on lack, I feel lack, if I dwell on unkind words I feel sad, If I dwell on love I feel LOVE, IF I DWELL ON ALL THE GOOD FORTUNE I HAVE THEN I DWELL IN GOOD FORTUNE AND I AM HAPPY! 

Life is complicated, but it need not be, happiness is a choice, a state of mind, sometimes it swims towards me and sometimes I need to step into the flow, sometimes it is easy and sometimes it takes effort of Will. 

Today I am Thankful for my mission to keep choosing Happiness
I am Thankful for the World-smile of the Sun
I am Thankful for the smell of newly mown grass
I am Thankful for the smell of a meadow left to flower and set seed
I am Thankful for creative doodles
I am Thankful for happy thoughts which surprise me
I am Thankful for mangos
I am Thankful for summer breezes
I am Thankful for my hands
I am Thankful for my baby's siestas

love Klara. 

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