Thursday, 17 May 2012

Love Life!


Today I feel to share some of the things which I love about planet Earth, for me at this time in my life (I am always open to change) being human is about witnessing and experiencing the beauty of planet Earth. I have had quite a few moments recently of lucid understanding that what I sense around me is the peak of spiritual experience. I cannot possibly claim to understand the complexities of being, but I get a sense of Universal truths, as they exist for me,  when I feel them in my heart.

My heart resonates with the notion that as spiritual beings we choose to come here and that being a being on planet Earth is the peak of physical experience. For many years I felt that I did not choose to come here and that I had somehow come against my will, but I have moved on from that perception to the understanding that perhaps I have just been having a hard time integrating myself with being on the physical plane. I have often felt that Earth is not the way I remember it and that I would be much happier in a more 'natural setting' after all the aspects of being alive that I love the most are all taking place outside, in the wild or at the very least somewhere with growing things. 

I am frequently stunned by the infinitely diverse beauty of the world, and there is so much of it to see, I would love to travel and see all the other environments which exist, and there have been many times when I have felt sad not to have explored a bit more. Today when I was driving home after dropping one of my daughters at school, it struck me that I love the English countryside so well, and I also know it so well, I am familiar with most of the plants and trees that I come across, I may not be able to name them all, but I am pretty sure that they have no concern for the human obsession with naming things, but I know them and enjoy them in all their seasonal aspects and I love and cherish them. 

Perhaps a life spent exploring the whole world would mean knowing it less intimately. I love my friendship with nature, I love all the types of birds which I frequently see and I love that I am able to see and hear the natural world in detail in my mind when I am indoors and I close my eyes. 
I love the safety that I feel when I am out alone walking in the country side, I enjoy very much the solitude, and when I am alone walking is the time when much of my creative inspiration comes to me. 

For me a woodland full of Bluebells with the evening birdsong is one of the landscapes and soundscapes which I love the most.

Today I Have Loving Gratitude for my life
I Have Loving Gratitude for grasses
I Have Loving Gratitude for trees
I Have Loving Gratitude for birds
I Have Loving Gratitude for bees
I Have Loving Gratitude for deer
I Have Loving Gratitude for dormice
I Have Loving Gratitude for swallows
I Have Loving Gratitude for mossy walls
I Have Loving Gratitude for beams of sunlight through woodlands

love Klara. 

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