Monday, 21 May 2012

Do You Recognise The Great Fortune You Have In Your Life?


I have had a busy day today and I have absolutely loved it, I have spent time with a great friend, played music, walked in beautiful countryside, and taught a song to one of my daughters and thoroughly enjoyed the sunshine. 

Over the last few days I have been frequently reminded of the naughty old tricks which the mind can get up to when left unchecked! Yet again I am talking about Rogue Thoughts! 

What do I mean? I would imagine most people are familiar with the phenomenon of Rogue or Bogus thoughts; these are thoughts which present themselves as "The Truth, The Way Things Are, or, Facts" but really they are just thoughts which have no basis in reality. In reality I am not sure what they are or where they come from; they could be products of our fears, past experiences, old beliefs, fairy stories, or in extreme cases simply malicious lies. 

What I am certain of is that once followed these thoughts can lead me into troubled water, places in my mind where I begin to feel that life is unfair, unjust, perhaps that I am hard done by, or that people are mistreating me. Whatever the effect, I am sure for each person it is a very personal thing, because Bogus thoughts are personal things which feed on our own particular stories which I believe is what makes them so crafty and hard to detect, I am clear that the story these thoughts are telling me about me, or whatever they are about, is simply not true or is very distorted. 

I don't know why it happens, I am not a psychologist or a psychiatrist and I do not claim to understand the human mind. I don't know why my mind would want to paint the picture for me that life is awful, that other people are unkind, or perhaps that I am unsuccessful or what ever other nonsense my mind comes up with at the time. I talk from experience, and my experience is from the havoc these thoughts have caused throughout my life. I have been led on so many occasions into depression, misery, confrontation and conflict by negative thought trains, that now when they begin I recognise them very early on, and as soon as I spot them I jump on them and escort them quickly to a place in myself where I dissolve them by thinking of all the things for which I feel Grateful. 

Who knows why I have been experiencing so many of them recently? It may simply be that I am feeling low and tired and am therefore a bit vulnerable to poor thought forms. 

Again I return to the place in myself where I am certain that happiness is all about Focus! Focus on the things which feel wonderful, Focus on the things for which I am Grateful, Focus on the things which feel sublime. I don't care if I have to look for them and think them up, there is no excuse for ignoring the incredible fortunateness of living a life with such incredible choices, it's so easy to be miserable and there are no prizes for being ungrateful......

THE PRIZE, the only prize worth having is the prize of the feeling of gratitude and joy at all the wonderful things which surround us on the physical plane. Yes there is suffering here too, focus on it if you will, do something about it if you can, but above all recognise what great fortune you have in your life, however small you think it is and GIVE THANKS FOR IT because giving thanks is a certain route to JOY. 

At first I did not know where to start to look for the things for which I could feel Gratitude, so I started small and I made a list, before long I found it easy to think of everything for which I Give Thanks, and now I do it every day. I think of each thing and imagine it has been given to me as a gift by a kind friend or loved on and I say Thank you out loud.....

Today I Say Thank You for my children's smiles
I Say Thank You for my comfy shoes
I Say Thank You for my dinner
I Say Thank You for my comfortable warm dry bed
I Say Thank You for my loving mother 
I Say Thank You for all my brothers and sisters
I Say Thank You for encouraging words
I Say Thank You for my glases which mean I can see ants in detail
I Say Thank You for the clean water I have to drink
I Say Thank You for my safe home
I Say Thank You for my voice

love Klara. 

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