Sunday, 13 May 2012

Feeding Your Soul!


Today is the fourth day of my new new challenges to go for a walk everyday and to play music everyday, and the eighth day of my new challenge to talk about, meditate on or do the things I love everyday! 

So far it is going really well for me, I am so happy that I set myself the second challenge to walk and play music everyday, talking about it was the first step! 
So far I have managed to meet my challenge everyday, and it has already brought me a great deal of joy! I am astonished that I managed to go for so long now without playing music! 

Just the two simple acts of playing music and walking out in wild places is feeding my soul so much, I really do believe it is our responsibility to ourselves as physical beings to do the things we love doing everyday even if it is just for the bare minimum of time. 
Who knows how long we have to be in our physical bodies that we can put off what we love doing to another day? Another day may not come for us, Now is the time to do the things we love! 

OK, so there may be things which I feel I need to do, the laundry being the most obvious, and I often hear people saying they have to earn money, and true we all have to eat, but what is life for if it is not for experiencing that which we love?

They say that being human is the leading edge, it is where it's at, apparently that is why there are so many of us! Being human is a miraculous gift! We have incredible bodies which can carry us around to see the beauty of the world, we can swim, jump, run, dance, leap, wiggle, sing, talk, hear and experience so many physical sensations! 

Being human is not to be underestimated! It is a miracle which I intend to enjoy to the full, by doing the things I love every singly day I take full advantage of my physical body, and not only that but I am really enjoying myself! 

I can really highly recommend this challenge, it is really helping me to maintain a highly positive focus, each morning so far I have wondered how I am going to fit in my walk and each day somehow it has just happened in exactly the right way. 

Do what you love, after all there is nothing else! 

Today I have Loving Gratitude for the magical beauty of the world
I have Loving Gratitude for mice and other little furry creatures
I have Loving Gratitude for my toes which help me balance
I have Loving Gratitude for my ears with which I hear the birds sing
I have Loving Gratitude for the scent of bluebells
I have Loving Gratitude for the sublime colours of sunset
I have Loving Gratitude for really tall hills from which the lay of the land can be seen
I have Loving Gratitude for sun reflected in flooded fields
I have Loving Gratitude for random anonymous works of art
I have Loving Gratitude for my creative mind

love Klara. 

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