Wednesday, 30 May 2012

My Rewards Are On Earth!


It is roughly thirty days since I set myself the new challenge of doing that which I love daily! At first I simply challenged myself to either talk about, meditate on or actually do the things I love daily, and then I realised that wasn't enough! So I challenged myself to go for a walk somewhere beautiful every day and to sing a song and play my guitar every day. 

So how has it been for me? So far it has been incredibly rewarding! Since I began I have had only two days off from my challenge as I had to go into hospital to have an operation on my neck (which was a challenge in itself!). The rest of the time I have managed everyday to rise to my challenge. 

Musically I have really enjoyed the enforced song a day, I have some gigs coming up and playing everyday, even if it is only one song, is really helping me to get back into practice after a long break when I had my baby. Playing my guitar everyday is helping to re-form the callouses on my fingers which stops the steel strings from hurting me, and the extra practice is helping my musical confidence and my self confidence alike! 

I am re-discovering my own music which is turning out to be a far greater Joy than I anticipated! An unexpected Joy! I think I had begun to take for granted my own achievements, I had stopped noticing how beautiful my own songs are, my enjoyment had gradually been replaced by a mixture of disappointment and boredom mostly due to my musical ambitions not coming to fruition so far. 
It no longer seems to matter to me why I am playing, I simply play music because I love it, for the pure joy of the feeling of singing and playing! I am relieved by this development in my story, I would like to believe that the Universe will support me in doing that which I love, that following my passion will bring everything I need into my life, and the fact that I no longer hope for anything other than Joy to come from my music means that I really do now play simply for pure enjoyment.  

Walking everyday has been quite a challenge, so far the weather has been very good, I have had quite a few evening walks which has turned out to be an unexpected pleasure. The main thing which hampers me in my challenge to walk somewhere beautiful everyday is actually remembering to do it! When I do remember I experience and mixture of pleasure at the thought of going out to nature and occasionally a pinch of anxiety at the thought of not managing to meet my own challenge! The irony of this usually makes me laugh as I set the challenge myself to enhance my enjoyment of life! 

I would highly recommend this practice I have adopted of setting challenges for oneself to complete, I have found in the past it so easy for days and even weeks to go by without a walk or so much as a single musical note being played, if we allow it the mundane realities of life can get in the way of beauty and Joy! If today is my last day in this incarnation, then it is a fine time to pass; I can say with a happy heart that today and every day I have done something that I Love! 

What a gift I have given myself, what a wonderful thing to be able to say about my own life! By making a small commitment to myself I have made my life beautiful and joyful everyday! And every morning I wake up with an enthusiasm which was missing from my life for a very long time........

Today I am Thankful for the challenges I set for my self
I am Thankful for my perseverance
I am Thankful for my magical songs
I am Thankful for my musical ears
I am Thankful for my vibrating vocal chords
I am Thankful for my remarkable feet
I am Thankful for the woods near my house
I am Thankful for the stream I love to cross
I am Thankful for the ancient giant trees I love to visit
I am Thankful for Living a Life of Joy

love Klara. 

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