Sunday, 27 May 2012

A Rampage of Appreciation for Babies....


It is another beautiful sunny day here in jolly old England, and Today I am Glad to have Woken Up! I am Alive, I have a Precious Human Life and I am not going to waste it! 

It dawned on me yesterday that it has been a while since I wrote a Rampage of Appreciation! The rampage of appreciation is a wonderful tool, I find that it helps me to really focus my whole self on something wonderful, it brings about great feelings of joy and can really help to lift my soul particularly when I have been in a phase of stuckness of focusing on thoughts which do not serve me......

So today I am going on a Rampage of Appreciation for Babies......

I give great thanks for the beginning of human life, for the tiny bright new souls as they come in to human being, I am so grateful for those souls who bravely come to the Earth plane to spread their own special wisdom amongst the other people on the Earth. 

I give great thanks for the trusting hearts of babies, I love their open smiles and their full body laughs. I give thanks for the love which is in the hearts of babies, I love the joy which they spread just with their presence, I love their pioneering spirits. 

Thank you for the privilege that I have had to be the mother to three brand new babies, thank you for their incredibly soft skin, and their shining eyes. I give thanks for their chubby little legs and their beautifully fat little bodies. 

I give thanks for the determination of my babies, for their perseverance with astonishing tasks like crawling or walking. I give thanks for the curiosity of babies, I love the way that if there is a tiny hole in something a baby will always find it and put their finger in it! 

I am so thankful for the innocence of babies; they are so fresh and without judgement, I love their warm heartedness, I love their willingness to love and to give, I love the love they inspire in other humans.

I give great thanks for the loving protective instinct which babies inspire in other people too, I have enormous gratitude for all that my babies have taught me about being human, I give great thanks for all the lessons babies have taught me about surrender to the way things are, and about perseverance when something is hard work. 

Babies have brought such great Joy to my life and to so many other peoples lives, thank you for babies, thank you for my babies......

Hooray for babies......

love Klara. 

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