Tuesday, 29 May 2012

Making Peace.....


Today my awareness is with the absolute necessity of making peace with where I am in my life right now!
I believe the single most important thing that anyone can do for themselves, in the interests of their own happiness, is to Make Peace with where they are. 

It is so easy to get into a habit of getting stuck in the frustrations and inconveniences of life, large or small, it is so easy when something appears to go wrong to dwell on it, turning it over endlessly in your mind to no avail until something else happens which is more consuming than the last incident. 

Today my baby fell asleep for her afternoon sleep which is usually about an hour and a half, I took out a book I was excited to read and settled down for a long awaited moment of delicious reading. Five minutes in my baby woke with a start and began to cry very insistently. My heart sank, frustration rose in my chest, I felt the onset of disappointment. 
No, NO, NO I thought, I was beginning to get cross! Not with my baby for waking up, but with myself for not knowing quite how to stem the negative thoughts which were arising! 

Then all of a sudden the gentle reassuring words came to me: "make peace with where you are"......

"Aha" I thought! I began to deliberately generate thoughts which matched this idea; I thought about how I have all the time in the world to read my book, how the sun was shining, how my babys hair smells so beautiful. I began to calm down, the panic started to subside, I came back to my centre! 


I have always prided myself in my ability to adapt to my circumstances, I am somebody who copes with what ever I create for myself in my life! Perhaps my baby waking was an opportunity for me to practice MAKING PEACE in my own life........

Actually I love that phrase, Making Peace! Today I made Peace! I am a Peace Maker, a Maker of Peace! 

It is possible to make peace! When we make peace in our own lives it must spread outwards from us into the world, all the world is energy, peace is energy in a beautiful form.

What an important role we can all take in our lives and the life of the world, by taking the steps necessary to come to terms quietly and gently with the ups and downs of our own lives we make Peace, the echos of which ripple out across the World. Peace benefits everyman, beast and bird on the whole planet. 

Making peace with where we are is an act of Unconditional love. I am so glad that I made the effort today to be a peace maker. I feel good about myself knowing that I am a peace maker..............

Today I have Loving Gratitude for my aptitude for making Peace
I have Loving Gratitude for the opportunities I have to Make Peace with where I am
I have Loving Gratitude for my glasses
I have Loving Gratitude for my new book
I have Loving Gratitude for joyful stories
I have Loving Gratitude for the sound of people playing and having fun
I have Loving Gratitude for the fun I have in my own life
I have Loving Gratitude for cheese
I have Loving Gratitude for chocolate
I have Loving Gratitude for Peace

love Klara. 

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