Wednesday, 16 May 2012

I Am A Bud Waiting To Blossom......


It was a gloriously sunny morning when I woke up, but I felt quite uncomfortable! We had blacked out the window last night to help our baby get to sleep and the result was that yes she did go to sleep but the bedroom was really stuffy when we woke up! 
The quality of the light this morning is such that the thick layer of dust on my mirror is obscuring the reflective qualities of the glass! 

Today my thoughts are a bit like the dust on my mirror, they are obscuring who I really am! I would like to get a duster and wipe away all the dust on my mirror, dusting is something which I used to do a lot of as a child, I used to really enjoy picking up all the ornaments and sweeping away the dust and watching it dance in the shafts of sunlight coming in through the windows. 

The dust on my ornaments obscures their beauty. I am unable to shine as brightly as I could were I free of the memory dust of my life. Past hurts seem to gather like dust, the memories get in my eyes and up my nose making it hard for me to see clearly and to breathe, they cling to my skin making me agitated and stopping me from acting from a neutral place of nowness. 

So what am I going to do about it? I'm going to get out the metaphorical duster, and perhaps the hoover too! 

I know that my memories are not who I really am, I know that they are not now and they are not me, but  when memories hold an emotional charge, and are painful or upsetting to think about,  I am not free of them and they affect my daily life. 

I want to be free of all my painful memories, I intend to work with them until they no longer hold any emotional charge and are simple memories of what went before. I know that it is possible to heal emotional stories as I have done it in the past. Today I feel a bit stuck and unsure what the ingredients are to healing past hurts, but I am open to the right healing opportunity coming my way, I am open to Divine Love, I am open to letting the hurts of the past go, seeing the beauty and the life messages in them for me, and moving on to be more myself, I am a bud waiting to blossom into the beautiful flower which I know myself to be. 

I am very grateful for my commitment to turning up here every day and writing as honestly as I can about what is going on for me, it helps me a great deal to have a promise to myself to find the key each day to having a good day. While I am waiting to find the right healing path I am going to focus on appreciating each day......

Today I am  appreciating the sun which shines down on the world warming the soil and inspiring the seeds to grow and the flowers to blossom
Today I am grateful for the rivers and streams invigorating and supporting life, the life blood of the Earth
Today I give Thanks for all the fruits of the forest, the juicy red, purple and blue berries
Today I have Loving Gratitude for all the insects working away unseen and seen, busily going about their business performing forgotten vital services for Mother Earth
Today I Love all the lakes reflecting the beauty of the sky, supporting all the fish which swim unseen beneath the surface, quietly moving in their fishy way
Today I give Thanks for my strong healthy body which carries me through the beauty of the world
Today I have Loving Gratitude for all the birds of the Air
Today I am Grateful for the moon and stars lighting up the night with the glorious celestial spectacle for all the world to see
Today I Love my children with all my heart and all the children everywhere with their unique humour and fresh eyes
Today I have Loving Gratitude for all the things which make me laugh throughout my day 

love Klara. 

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