Saturday, 19 May 2012

I'm Feeling Quiet.


This morning I was woken up by a honey bee which was on my pillow right next to my head! I enjoyed waking up that way, it reminded me how much I used to love honey bees when I was a little girl, I lived next door to an old couple called Bob and Mary and they kept bees in their garden, every summer the bees used to swarm, usually in my garden, I remember them very vividly once hanging heavily from the apple tree like a strange giant moving fruit! 
At some point each summer I would get stung and I would swell up and feel pretty rough! But I loved the bees anyway, and I particularly loved being fed really delicious honey by my neighbours who were like grandparents to me, they had a big leather chair in their sitting room which was on a swivel and I was allowed to sit on it and spin round and round as much as I liked......

I enjoyed waking up this morning in my own bed, having an operation has heightened my sense of appreciation and gratitude in so many ways. I know that the risks of general anaesthesia are minimal these days, apparently more people die in the UK each year from falling from a ladder than in any other way, but somehow it felt like I was putting my life in someone else's hands, which of course I was.

The world looks so beautiful through eyes which think they might never look upon it again! We live on the most remarkable planet, there is so much to see that one can never see it all in one life time! I get overwhelmed with the choices of where to go and what to see first. This year I am planning a last minute holiday (which sounds funny to me, planning to be spontaneous!) I really love the idea of not knowing where we are going until the very last minute. I want to go somewhere hot where I can explore the cultural heritage, I really enjoy a good old pile of ancient stones, and where I can lie on a beach listening to my children having fun. 

I feel so wonderfully fortunate to have a healthy body and healthy children and to live in a country where I have enough food and a warm dry house to live in. I really feel that the secret to having a happy life is to count our blessings. It could be so easy to focus on what I don't like about my life, and indeed it used to be my orientation, but since starting my blog it has become easier and easier each day to see the beauty of the world and my life. 

Today I feel tired and low on energy which I suppose is the result of my operation, I am going to be quiet and sit around eating melon and watching videos........

Today I am Thankful for all the sleep I got last night
I am Thankful for the wonderful view from my bedroom window
I am Thankful for the weeping willow tree in my front garden
I am Thankful for all the wild flowers growing in my garden
I am Thankful for the funny things which little people say
I am Thankful for the breeze on my face
I am Thankful for my baby sleeping so I can write this
I am Thankful for my challenge to sing everyday
I am Thankful for paracetamol
I am Thankful for the stunning sunsets visible from my house

love Klara. 

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