Monday, 28 May 2012

What are you Willing to Become?


Today getting happy feels like a herculean task! I have found myself in a life position which frustrates me! I do not know how long it will last but ringing in my ears are the only words which I know can help me!: "What qualities do I need to develop and nourish, if this situation does not change, in order that I can be happy within it for as long as it lasts?" That was more of a mouthful than I was expecting it to be! 

When we find ourselves entrenched in situations or circumstances which aggrieve us we have a responsibility to ourselves and our children (if we have them) to grow new skills in order to cope, with a happy heart.

At the moment I don't mind admitting that I am at the seedling stage of the growing process of my coping strategy! In fact I am still at the resisting stage! I want to pick things up and shake them, I want to blame other people, I want to stamp and shout, I want to say "life's not fair", I want things to change right now! But they are not about to change!

There is nothing for it, I have to find the willingness in myself to adapt and change for the better!
So, where is that willingness? Where does it reside? It probably lives in the part of me that I might call my higher self, my higher self knows everything I need to know!

My higher self understands that things are perfect just the way they are, that there is plenty of time to do everything I yearn to do, that the grass is probably the same shade of green no matter which part of the lawn I stand on, that everything moves and changes all the time it is the nature of the physical world, that happiness is a matter of focus.....

Focus on the parts of my life which bring me Joy, focus and re-focus when my gaze drifts back to the downside as it is wont to do, Focus really is the be-all and end-all!

At the moment parenting feels like a kind of enforced extended meditation! Vast swathes of time pass where it seems that I have done nothing in particular, and my biggest task is to maintain a positive focus! Would that I were someone to whom this was no task; just an automatic response to this type of stimuli! An easy ride!!

So there is the quality I need to develop! The ability to maintain a positive focus! I may be writing a blog on CHOOSING HAPPY THOUGHTS but I am still learning! There is the challenge, the task, the herculean feat: start focusing on the greatness in your life right now Klara, look only at yourself, open your eyes to the bounty of blessings where you stand.....

and all will be well, a happy life is all a matter of focus and gratitude (in my experience) it is fine to want things to change and develop but of course 

"It is impossible for you to have something you are not willing to become in consciousness"  ~Michael Bernard Beckwith

I am willing to become peace
I am willing to become love
I am willing to become joy
I am willing to become patience
I am willing to become gratitude
I am willing to become quiet of mind
I am willing to become the sky
I am willing to become the sun
I am willing to become the stars
I am willing to become the world....

love Klara. 

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