Saturday, 26 May 2012

The Power of Laughter....


I have been listening to my neighbours playing in their paddling pool in their back garden this morning while I got my baby off to sleep. My relationship with my next door neighbours has not always been ideal! The walls of our houses are joined and seem to amplify sound rather than dampen it and my neighbour does not enjoy our musical natures, we have done all we can to minimise the disturbance but short of moving out there is nothing left to try. There has been some animosity! 

So hearing them playing has been a beautiful experience, I have never heard them all laughing and giggling together as a family before, it has endeared them to me and really made me think about the power of fun and laughter amongst groups of people. 

I think that laughing is underrated. Have you ever noticed how much babies smile and laugh? I know that experts would probably label early smiling as simple communication, but I believe that it is none other than an expression of joy. Babies are so simple, before we have learnt language and communication and complicated life with opinions and beliefs, things simply are as they are. Experiences inspire responses, perhaps things feel pleasant or unpleasant or somewhere in between, it is adults who teach babies that things are wrong or yukky or dirty, babies simply look and feel things. 

Here I am again, back on judgement, judgement really interests me, it is what keeps me alive and what hampers me the most as I move about in my life. Good and bad, clean and dirty, kind and unkind, everything becomes divided into categories which measure and determine our feelings. 

I find myself much happier when I walk around the world just looking and keeping my mind quiet. The mind seeks to judge when judgement is not necessary, the mind likes to work away, diagnosing problems and regurgitating stuff it has heard before as if to somehow make us better people.

There is a childlike joy in stilling the mind and removing judgement, judgement can be used as a tool; it is a useful tool which should be treated with care and discernment (yes the irony of this statement has not escaped me!) and the rest of the time should be kept locked in an appropriate container lest it wreak havoc on our lives. 

Babies are deliciously free of judgement and I believe that is why they laugh and smile so much. Of course I adore my baby, she is not just a ray of sunshine, she is the sun! She fills my life with such radiant joy, I am so fortunate that smiling and laughter is a big part of my day! 

Smiling and laughter cannot be underestimated, they are something we should do all the time! I am going to do what ever it takes to get happy, and I try to begin each day with a smile; try it it feels great......

Today I Give Thanks for my neighbours laughter
 I Give Thanks for water to play in 
 I Give Thanks for this breezy sunny day
 I Give Thanks for seasonal change
 I Give Thanks for the restorative power of sleep
 I Give Thanks for butterflies
 I Give Thanks for honey bees
 I Give Thanks for Giving Thanks
 I Give Thanks for cold drinks
 I Give Thanks for all my babies

love Klara. 

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