Wednesday, 9 May 2012

I'm Writing A New Song!


I am looking for inspiration right now! Today I have a challenge to write a song for somebody else, I have actually had the challenge for a rather long time (since last september) and I wouldn't say that I have been procrastinating, rather that I have been very busy looking after my little baby. Now the time has come to take action! I want to get the song written this week, or what's left of the week! 

I have written a lot of songs, perhaps thirty or forty, I have never counted! So far I have only written one that doesn't really float my boat, but even that one I am kind of proud of even if it is just for having written it and as the divine expression that it is. I believe my songs come to me from the Universe, Love, Spirit, God or what ever I feel to call the Divine. When I have written a song I feel wonderful, excited, enthralled, juicy, lively, honoured and many other really lovely things. 

One thing which I would love to come from my song writing and performing is some publicity! I love to perform partly I should think because my ego likes to be the centre of attention, and partly because I love to share my music with other people. I enjoy the way people respond to my music! 

I have a plan which is to film myself playing all my songs, and then to put them on YouTube, probably one at a time, and see where that takes me. I love the idea of having my songs all recorded so that I can look back and see myself and hear my voice when I am old and grey! I would also like my children to be able to watch them and see who their mum was when she was younger. Perhaps they will bring joy to other people, just as they have brought so much joy to me! 

So what is my plan? I shall sit down with my guitar and my fiddle and some paper and see what comes! I have never written a song for somebody else before, well not in this way, I have been inspired by other people many times and dedicated songs and tunes to other people too. But it is a new challenge for me to write a song at a request! 

I love new challenges, and it has just come to me how to go about getting myself to flow with the most productive thoughts, I am going to sit and remember how wonderful it feels to write a new song! Then I am going to sit and imagine I have already written it and I am going to imagine how it feels to be singing the new song and how it feels to be finally sending the song on to the lady who has waited so patiently for it! 

I shall take it as an opportunity to sit and vision what I would love to happen; I would love a beautiful song to come, the melody simple and clear, the words absolutely perfect for what my friend has in mind. The song to come is so beautiful she and I will be moved by its clarity and delicate sound. I feel proud of this song already, I feel very excited, and I feel honoured to have the opportunity to write such a song and to be the recipient of magical musical inspiration. 

I am really enjoying my new challenge to spend time each day concentrating and focusing on activities which I love, it is really working to inspire me, my thoughts are juicy, my thoughts are joyful and I am effortlessly noticing with great gratitude and appreciation what a fun and beautiful time I am having here in my physical experience on planet Earth! 

Today I have Loving Gratitude for my music
 I have Loving Gratitude for my guitar and fiddle
 I have Loving Gratitude for my hands which wait to write down the words
 I have Loving Gratitude for my voice which longs to sing new songs
 I have Loving Gratitude for my lungs which help me to sing powerfully
 I have Loving Gratitude for my physical body in which I am having so much fun
 I have Loving Gratitude for the fun I have dancing
 I have Loving Gratitude for hot chocolate 
 I have Loving Gratitude for all music
 I have Loving Gratitude for the music of the birds

love Klara. 

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