Wednesday, 30 May 2012

Instinctive decisions!


Yesterday I was reminded of the necessity of inspirational reading, and so I went into town and went to the bookshop! I love bookshops, I grew up in a house with thousands of books so bookshops are somewhere that I feel very at home. I didn't really have time to browse and even if I had wanted to browsing is hard with a small baby, and when I arrived I met a friend and got into a very inspiring conversation. After a while a book caught my eye, I asked to look at it and found that it was by and author I know and love, the book is called "The Alchemist's Journey" by Glennie Kindred.

Of course I know the old adage "never judge a book by its cover" however there are some occasions when I believe too much thought can hamper instinctive decisions! I bought the book immediately and began reading it later that day. It is the perfect book for where I am in my life right now! I am not at all surprised! 

There have been so many occasions when I have gone to look for a book and apparently impetuously bought the first book that I have picked up and I can honestly say that I have always been pleased with the outcome. 

I believe instinctive acts are too often either overlooked or underestimated in our society. Following the heart instead of the head has been discouraged to the extreme in Western society. People seem to believe that the using intellect to make decisions is more sensible and reliable than using our feelings. 
I would be inclined to agree with this idea if it were true that the mind does not mislead us at times. Thought is not infallible! I have talked here many times now about bogus thoughts; thoughts which convince us that life is a certain way, but they are not accurate. The easiest bogus thoughts to spot are the overtly negative ones, the self deprecating, self destructive, or just plain falsehoods, but there are plenty of other inacurate or misleading thought forms.

To me this is an indication that thought is not a reliable way to make decisions. There is another way to make choices! The power of instinct! Despite what many people believe we are instinctive beings, we are highly capable of making good sensible (if you will pardon the irony of the word) practical decisions simply by using our instincts.

I am moving into a phase of my life where I am learning to put greater trust in my instincts and to use them as a practical tool for making choices.

How are instinctive choices made and what is the difference between an instinctive choice and one which is thought out? Generally as a rule of thumb I can explain an instinctive decision simply with timing, with the example of the book, the book caught my eye I liked the title and on seeing who had written it the decision was made; this was therefore an instinctive decision and my proof is in that I now know it was the right one! I could have spent time looking at the book reading excerpts and thinking about the writing style or the content, perhaps I could have looked at a few other books too, and that would have been a carefully considered choice! 

I am sure that with careful consideration I can choose good books too, but I have experienced many occasions, particularly when I am in a hurry or distracted (usually by impatient children), when I have chosen poorly using this the thought out method. 

Instinctive decisions are satisfying and enjoyable by their very nature! I am following a path where thinking less is desirable, the less time spent on unnecessary thoughts the better. I am learning to CHOOSE GOOD FEELING THOUGHTS, and to engage with the only thing which really exists: Now! 

Instinct is a powerful tool, it is easy and convenient to use, and I find it empowering to use. My confidence is at making useful choices is growing with the use of my instinct, it is a subtle power which resides in all of us. Thought is a very useful tool but in my opinion it is over used by western society. I believe we will all grow Spiritually through the development of the use of instinct. The more connected we are to the instinctive self the happier we will become......

Today I am thankful for my powers of thought 
I am thankful for my instinct
I am thankful for all my senses
I am thankful for my sensitivity
I am thankful for gentle rain
I am thankful for powerful rainbows
I am thankful for shooting stars
I am thankful for all the stars in the sky
I am thankful for the sun
I am thankful for the return of the moon each night

love Klara.

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