Monday, 12 March 2012

The Gift of Letting Go and Moving On!


I was planning to rest and watch a film this afternoon, but I guess the Universe has other plans so here I am instead!
 It is one of those days when low cloud makes it impossible to see the beautiful hills from my window, and as an ethereal consolation prize the mist is hanging mysteriously and rather charmingly from the trees on the moor. 

This is exactly the kind of day which in the past would have been my cue to misery, a double whammy of plans being broken and perceived dull weather. In this moment it amazes me that I could ever have found this weather so disagreeable! It really makes me wonder exactly how much of my vision of the world was inner viewing, that is not really seeing what is out there and judging it with some inner programme.

As I gaze upon the world from my window, now that I have learnt not to think so many thoughts, it seems to me that I am far more able to really 'see' with my eyes and my heart. The greyness of the sky is somehow illuminated by the fact that I can feel the sun behind the clouds with my heart. My past gloominess has been replaced with something akin to reverence for the apparent stillness of the land, it's almost as if it were meditating, or drawing in its energy and getting ready for some long awaited burst of regeneration; like Spring!

I rather like it now when my plans change, it somehow feels as if the new plan has been written by the world, and the faster I let go of the old the more beautiful it seems. 

Letting go is something I am learning to do more and more. Letting go and moving on. Both are equally important to me on my mission to feeling at peace with the world. This morning my eldest child who is fourteen said to me "why do you stop talking aout things and move on to something else so quickly?" What a poignant question! My reply was something along the lines of "because life is too short to waste time on problems which cannot be solved and subjects which bring my mood down." 

There is a time and a place, as they say, for dealing with wounds physical and emotional, and  my daily life is not that time or place. If I have inner work that needs to be done, then I will devote appropriate time and attention to that work.
It has become abundantly clear to me that allowing genuine emotional turmoil to go unattended can lead to it seeping into my daily life; events can become marred by it, it can almost become for me as if a dark cloud hangs over my head, and complaining abounds. 

My life can be full of joy, excitement and fun. The more I devote my mind to concentrating on the things I am grateful for and the more I focus in on good feeling thoughts, the more fun I experience, and consequently the happier I become. 

We are supposed to thrive and enJoy our lives the way children do, without so much judgement, and so much labelling of right and wrong!

I am really starting to have a great time! Hooray for letting go and moving on! Hooray for choosing good feeling thoughts! Hooray! 

I have a choice in life and I will always have that choice! I will always have the choice and the freedom to think about what I like! Nobody can take that away from me!                   What a gift! I can make my world view right here from inside my head! 

Today I am Thankful for letting go and moving on
 I am Thankful for the freedom to think exactly what I like
 I am Thankful for my choice
 I am Thankful for the healing power of sleep
 I am Thankful for the universe changing plans for me!
 I am Thankful for lemons and limes
 I am Thankful for kisses
 I am Thankful for the power of love
 I am Thankful for cuddles
 I am Thankful for warm baths for tired muscles

love Klara.

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