Friday, 2 March 2012

We Are What We Think!


Today my baby is sleeping in my lap, the Blackthorn blossom is out and the sky is hazy. I love that the Blackthorn comes into flower before it grows its leaves, is seems to me that it takes the first possible opportunity to shower its glory on the world, to decorate the first inkling of spring with a celebration of delicate whiteness, its fragrant scent tickling my taste buds with the promise of the vibrant verdant burst of life which is to come. 

The Blackthorn is a trail blazer, a leader in joy, the Blackthorn shows the way to spring. "Look at me" it cries in the still chilly morning air, "share my joy" and it shines its light for all to see. 
I love the Blackthorn all the more for its flowers are white, a colour which encompasses all colours, so full of the magnificence of life the Blackthorn adorns itself with the dazzling white of the whole spectrum. It is almost as if it loves all the colours so much that it could not choose just one colour and so became them all. 

I am wondering how my world would be if I was to wake each morning and immediately set out to share my joy with the world, Buddha said:

"We are what we think. All that we are arises with our thoughts. With our thoughts, we make the world. "

I am here writing my blog every day to make JOY my habit, to make JOY my orientation, to make JOY my way of life and to share JOY with as many people as I possibly can. 

Some days my joy flows from me like a rushing torrent of love and enthusiasm, I cannot be contained, my excitement for the beauty of the world is all consuming! I have discovered that the world around me is completely receptive to the orientation of Joy!; if my stopping to appreciate some awe inspiring sight makes me late for an appointment, then somehow that ripple of joy reaches out to the place or person I am meeting and the appointment will be changed or they will be glad for my lateness. Strangers carry my shopping for me, old long missed friends appear, beautiful opportunities arise and everything just seems to slot into place. 

"Follow your bliss and the Universe will open doors where there were only walls."
(Joseph Campbell).

I used to struggle with this idea of following my bliss, and I am sure that was because I felt I had nothing to follow; I had the idea benevolently provided for me in childhood that I should have some focus, some calling for what I would 'be' when I grew up! I am still waiting to grow up, no calling has come, no huge urge to do a particular thing. 
I have passions, and I have many of them. I have no desire to pigeon hole myself as any one thing (except perhaps a being). 

For me Bliss is to be a way of life, a choice, to follow my bliss I need to first open my eyes and see it all around me, I need to embrace the beauty of life and the only way I know how to do that is with my thoughts. I am learning everyday to guide my thoughts into joy, to shepherd them into bliss, and some days it is easy, phew I say love, joy and bliss is all around me and throughout my very being. Whereas on some days , and thankfully they are becoming fewer with each day that I work for Joy, I have to use my will; choosing happiness as an act of will. 

I shall not allow my thoughts to have free reign of my mind and therefore my life, I will make my world with my thoughts, my world is becoming brighter and more beautiful every day (an interesting side effect of this practise I have noticed is that my eyesight is actually improving!).
LIke the Blackthorn I choose every colour to shine my beauty to the world, and I shall not wait for joy to come and find me, I am finding joy inside me, in my thoughts and in my heart and in my life exactly the way it is right now! 

Today I am Thankful for the magnificent Blackthorn visible from my bedroom window
I am Thankful for all the encouragement I receive from the people I have not yet met
I am Thankful for the expertise of people who have felt a specific calling
I am Thankful for the hard work of others
I am Thankful for hazy days
I am Thankful for my baby still sleeping so peacefully
I am Thankful for the food on my table
I am Thankful for the food for my soul
I am Thankful for my beautiful feet
I am Thankful for my journey in life

love Klara. 

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