Saturday, 17 March 2012

Gratitude for Ordinary Miracles!


Today I have been thinking about how easy it can be to feel overwhelmed with life to the point where our blessings become invisible. Sometimes in the past I became so caught up with the everyday workings of my life, the bill paying, shopping, laundry, getting children to school, that eventually it took up my entire focus and I became weighed down by it all. Alternatively there have been times when I have been so dissatisfied with my personal relationships or my environmental circumstances that I have become stuck in a moaning cycle, and some of the people have been more than happy to collude with me, compounding it until it has been all that I see of the World.

For me it is now just as easy to open my eyes to the world around me and see the blessings everywhere! Really it didn't take much effort! I don't know why we don't learn gratitude as we are growing up, perhaps some people do. and I don't mean the kind of gratitude where we only thank for the extra things which happen, the out of the ordinary, the acts of kindness brought to our lives by others (although I do believe they are so worthy of gratitude).
I mean being grateful for the very simple things in life, the everyday things which are so often taken for granted, things like that when I wake each morning I open my eyes and I can see! I have eyes, and through them I can see the sky, my hands, my loved ones beautiful faces, the whole world. The fact that I have eyes which work is a miracle, an ordinary miracle.

Gratitude for the ordinary is very special, I have a head of hair which grows and grows, I can cut it in styles and dye it and it grows back again and again, effortlessly! How easy it is to take my hair for granted, how easy it is to not like it when it misbehaves, it would only be if it was suddenly gone that I would realise the true wonder and beauty of my own hair, unless I take the time to notice it, to be grateful for it and to smile in awe and wonder at my own creation.

Being Grateful for the ordinary everyday miracles in life makes me realise exactly how fortunate I really am, and it makes me really happy. Gratitude, when I notice something I am thankful for and stop to really notice it and really feel truly thankful right down to my bones with a huge smile on my face, feels absolutely wonderful and blessed. 

Small miracles abound in my world; I can breathe, the air is clean, my body makes milk which is absolutely perfect for and nourishes my baby, I can gain and lose weight therefore changing my body shape if I adjust how much I eat and exercise, clean drinkable water makes its way to my house and through my taps whenever I want it to, if I till the soil and plant seeds and water them flowers and vegetables and fruit grows and I can eat it! This is just a wee snippet of the things I can feel gratitude for if I so wish!

The list of small miracles is endless, and when I actually stop to notice every little pleasure I am given, no matter how small, I can be filled with gratitude in a way which makes me smile from ear to ear. I am so fortunate! I can spend entire days noticing the miracle of life, seeing the intricacies of planet earth and feeling grateful in a whole body full face smiling way, to such an extent that thoughts disappear and I am just left, no philosophy, no opinions, no beliefs, no truths simply in a sea of gratitude. Walking, singing, talking, seeing Gratitude.

Life is beautiful, being human can be a delight. Thinking is a practical skill to be used when we want to achieve something, the rest of the time can be spent noticing what a wonderful world we live in. Since I learnt to look for things to feel gratitude for my life has begun to change, I am spending more and more of my life feeling joy and happiness. Joy and happiness is where it is at, in the past I was misguided, in the past I was blind. Now I have learnt how to see the world which is right in front of my nose and it really does look good!

Today I am grateful for my eyes
I am grateful for my ears 
I am grateful for my legs
I am grateful for my hot running water
I am grateful for my bath tub
I am grateful for my smile on my face
I am grateful for my hair on my head 
I am grateful for my teeth in my mouth
I am grateful for my reading and writing skills, I love to read 
I am grateful for my beautiful singing voice

love Klara.

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