Saturday, 31 March 2012

How Magical and Mysterious is LIfe?


Just exactly how magical and mysterious is reality please? I'd really like to know. My house has recently and perhaps always been a strange place where things disappear and then reappear in completely different places. Are there spirits which live in my house, fairies and pixies which playfully move stuff around or borrow it, either because they are tricksy and want to cause mischief or because they simply fancy a borrow of my stuff?

I'm not sure what I am willing to believe about the world and everything in it, what a mysterious place it is! What makes things grow? If the answer to that question is life, then what exactly is life? What makes the divine spark which flows into form, through form and back out of form? Is it limited to flowing with 'solid' things? Is it possible that beings exist alongside us which we can't or simply don't see?

Normally (!) in my everyday life I would not be spending that much time thinking about things which I cannot sense, after all what is the point? It seems a bit like the story someone I love once told me about how she used to loose sleep worrying about the size of the Universe! 
I remember spending some time in my late teens feeling very stressed and suffering from insomnia because I was worried about the actuality of being, every so often I would become acutely aware that I was, or am, and it would spin me out to the point where I had panic attacks! 
I think after some time I simply got used to being, the panic attacks went away and I probably found something a bit less existential to think about! 

So what is the point of thinking about beings living in my home that I cannot sense? Not a lot I suppose, it's just that at the moment they are being particularly troublesome and whilst I would usually recommend to myself that I simply think about something which feels good that does not seem to be working for me at the moment. 
I think about things which feel lovely, my body and mind moves into a state of pleasant restfulness and I get on with my daily life and then boing the pixies/fairies/elves strike again! 

I expect this says something interesting about my psychology, perhaps Freud would be having a field day "So tell me about these little people......"
Perhaps that is the point, maybe the events in my home are pointing towards some aspect of myself that needs addressing and healing, after all this is my reality, and I am a believer that on the whole things happen for a reason. Why 'on the whole'? well so far nobody has been able to properly explain in a way that I can understand and groove with why so many seemingly unjust things happen in the world, and I mean on a catastrophic scale. But on a microcosmic scale and within my own life I like to think that things occur for my growth as a spiritual being. 

I am reminded of a story someone recently told me about a westerner who visited a remote tribe and at some point during his visit he was bitten on the leg by a dog, the man wanted to go off and find a hospital, but the tribe said "you don't need a doctor, you need to see a Shaman", so he went to see the Shaman and the Shaman said that the dog had bitten his leg in response to some inner turmoil that he was experiencing to do with his family, which was manifesting itself in his leg, the dog effectively let it out and brought it to the surface for him to heal. After visting the Shaman and expressing his grief with his family his leg quickly healed.

Who knows how the Divine Oneness and the Universe works? I'd like to think that the Whole World is conspiring for my growth, perhaps the only way to help me to heal my wounds is for 'fairies' to 'borrow' my stuff! Spirit certainly does have a sense of humour! In some ways it makes perfect sense that I would manifest mischievous fairy like happenings in my life, having spent almost my entire childhood reading fairy stories and since reaching adult hood in writing them! 

I was recently diagnosed with a Branchial cyst; when we are embryos in the womb our bodies make structures which were we destined to be sea creatures would become gills, branchia is the latin word for gill, most humans reabsorb these structures and use the material elsewhere in their bodies. I still have one! None of my friends were surprised to discover that I am part mermaid, and to be quite frank, neither was I! 

Fairies, mermaids, how mysterious is life? How magical we are! Eat your heart out Freud! 

Today I am grateful for the fairies that are highlighting my wounds which need to heal
I am grateful for my gills even if I can't breath under water
I am grateful for magical happenings
I am grateful for everyday that I wake up and hear the birds singing their joy for the morning
I am grateful for my precious human life
I am grateful that I learnt to touch type
I am grateful that I can hear my wonderful daughter playing the piano so beautifully
I am grateful for all the love in the world
I am grateful for patience
I am grateful for the times when the things which have disappeared reappear! 

love Klara. 

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