Tuesday, 27 March 2012

Giving Thanks For My Story So Far!


Writing this blog everyday is working wonders for me! What kind of wonders? I started writing it as a way of keeping my intention to find ways of being happy and staying happy at the forefront of my mind, and of keeping track of my progress. I made a commitment to myself to CHOOSE GOOD FEELING THOUGHTS and to spend as much time as I can GIVING THANKS for all the wonderful things I experience everyday.  I am very pleased with how successful I have been so far in terms of the blog keeping my focus on guiding my thoughts into good feeing places, I am positively brimming with positivity! I do suspect that spring getting under way is helping my mood, and I plan to take advantage of the increasing brightness of the seasons; hopefully I shall get really good at being me over the spring and summer so that when next winter comes along I can simply enjoy it. 

I really feel like I am making progress in my mind in quite a few different ways, for a start I am much more present in each moment than I used to be, I don't allow my mind to go off on negative tangents anymore, in fact when I catch myself thinking about anything unnecessary I pretty much stop straight away. When I first started stopping my thoughts midflow I found it hard to move on, I used to feel all unfinished and a little nervy as if I had half eaten a delicious sandwich and misplaced it, or switched off an exciting movie just before the end! It used to bother me a little, but now that I am used to it it is easy; following negative trains of thoughts is rarely leads anywhere joyful so I am glad to now find it easy to just drop them! 

I am also finding it easier to recognise the pointlessness of being upset by minor things which go wrong, I have really been able to highlight just how often I find ordinary everyday occurrences "really annoying" and now when minor incidents happen instead I jokingly say "oh I am mildly inconvenienced"! I am finding it much easier to take life less seriously and see the funny side, or at least the brighter side of my life. I am learning to move on from things much faster than I used to, and not to be felled, as it were, by unhappy circumstances.

Something I am really enjoying at the moment is the time which I spend each evening as I put my baby to bed, as I lie next to her while she falls asleep, I vision the things which I would love to experience as if I already have them. I really love doing this, it feels lovely, exciting, fun and uplifting. It is also proving to be a very useful exercise, for example I recently had a long drive alone with my baby and I was dreading it as she often cries in the car, so I spent a few nights envisaging how I would like that drive to go, and hey presto it went exactly as I had imagined! 
In fact I had a really lovely day, visioning the experience first meant that I factored in extra things which enhanced my day and I doubt I would have thought of them had I just concentrated on how hard it was going to be and how much I was dreading it, and my baby just slept like a baby all the way there and back! 

What is on my mind now is that I would like to increase the time I spend Giving Thanks, the power of gratitude is something which I still feel I have not properly explored. I now know and fully enjoy the wonderful feelings which come when I go on a Rampage of Appreciation, and I enjoy the simple pleasure I experience of my gratitude list which I feel and write everyday at the end of my posts, but I feel that there is more I could do to fully experience the Power of Gratitude! 

I want to fully explore how it feels to give thanks for every tiny little blessing I have in my life right now, and for every big one too! So that is my plan for this week, to meditate on gratitude, appreciation and thankfulness and to see the joy of what that brings. 

Today I have loving Gratitude for the feel of exquisitely soft skin
I have loving Gratitude for sparkling clear water which tempts me to jump in
I have loving Gratitude for my fantastic new haircut
I have loving Gratitude for the kind and generous people I encountered today
I have loving Gratitude for my shiny green van
I have loving Gratitude for cool breezes on hot spring days
I have loving Gratitude for sea greens
I have loving Gratitude for all the times I have swam in the sea
I have loving Gratitude for the day I saw a bat in the daytime skimming insects across the surface of the sea
I have loving Gratitude for fish nibbling my toes

love Klara. 

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