Thursday, 29 March 2012

Happy Birthday Everyday!


Today is day ninety one of my blog, I thought that day ninety would be exciting to celebrate and then I was having such a great day that I didn't even notice it was day ninety!
Suddenly it seems interesting to me the way some humans, and certainly me up to this point celebrate achievement by counting it in time and volume, how odd it appears to me now? My experience has been that we start this counting from birth, first the baby's life is counted in hours, then days then weeks, months and finally we record our lives in years, as if having lived a certain number of them should mean something!

I have particularly been noticing recently people using the number of years they have been in this physical body as a stick to beat them selves with. "I am getting old" they say, "I get tired more easily", "If only I were still young!". "My memory/eyesight/fill in your woe here, is not what it used to be"...... I am sure I could go on.
On this idea I am not sure that amount of time spent in this body should equal it's faculties waring out, especially when I so frequently meet people who are shining examples of pretty much exactly the opposite. Indeed I have often noticed just how hard it can be to guess a person's age, I'm sure most people have met somebody who has really "taken care of themselves" and looks "ten years younger"?

I do think that physical fitness is a function of our thoughts processes as much as it is of our experiences and life circumstances. This really brings to life for me just how much it matters WHAT I ALLOW MYSELF TO THINK ABOUT and how much I allow myself to entertain my fears, "do come in Mr (or Mrs) Sinister Anxiety, make yourself at home in my body temple with your muddy feet and your indiscriminate stress"!!!
It is only really necessary to look at somebodies face who is suffering in a stressful moment to see how it affects our bodies if we entertain it in a long term way.

Perhaps it seems like I am having some sort of mid-life-crisis? "Oh My God I'm Getting Old!", but really I do have some perspective, my grandma turned one hundred last week, now she really is old and I'm not even half her age!
I am getting close to forty years old, what does it mean to me? Not a lot when I think about it! I feel like I am in fantastic shape, I feel no older than I did ten years ago, in fact I just feel better! I have got better at being me! Hooray! 

Perhaps maturity would be better off measured in some other way? Actually why should we want to count it at all? How odd it seems. Maybe I am having some kind of brain storm and seriously missing something, but is there any other reason to measure maturity other than to compare it to other humans? Why on Earth is there so much emphasis on comparison amongst humans?

What a funny old bunch of measurers western humans are! I wonder if it is the same amongst people who live tribally? I think I would like to dismiss age altogether, perhaps at birthdays we could not mention age, I love birthdays and have no desire to wipe them out! Celebrating that we were born onto Earth in physical bodies, a day of giving thanks for our lives, how delicious. I do think though that giving thanks for my life is something I like to do everyday! Everyday can be my birthday, hooray, today I have woken up! I am alive! I have a precious human life!

I want to leap out of bed everyday of my life, excited that I have another day here on planet Earth! Why would I want to mar any of the rest of my life with an arbitrary measurement of how long I may or may not have left to live it? Hooray, goodbye to age,                                                                                  
              hello to joy for each moment!!!!

I look forward to welcoming each and everyone of my grey hairs as a sign of absolutely nothing whatsoever! I did hear that they can make one look more distinguished.......

Today I am Thankful to have woken up
I am Thankful to have a healthy body
I am Thankful for each moment of my precious human life
I am Thankful to have woken up to my ability to choose my thoughts
I am Thankful for the sun rising each day
I am Thankful to welcome the darkness each night
I am Thankful to live in such a beautiful place
I am Thankful for my grey hairs
I am Thankful for all my colourful hair too
I am Thankful for my strong bones
I am Thankful for my breakfast

love Klara.

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