Friday, 9 March 2012

Will-fully Making the Effort to Mentally Dwell in Gratitude !


Today the best thing I can do for myself is to think about everything I love, and to give thanks for being so fortunate as to have so much to give thanks for and to love! 

Giving Thanks is my way of really connecting to all that is wonderful in the world, it is my way of appreciating my life and interacting with the glory of the Earth in a joyful way. 

Today I went for a magnificent walk in the woods with friends, it felt delicious to be outside in amongst great big mature trees reaching for the sky, I thoroughly enjoyed smelling the earth and tracing the foot prints of deer and badgers on the ground.
 I feel so certain that I am here to witness the magnificence of the world, that simply being out walking in the woods and fields is enough for me. Walking and breathing, breathing and walking. 

I love looking out at all that is, and since I have been doing this work to shepherd my thoughts into good feeling places, I have found that it has become easier and easier to see the absolute beauty of the world. Choosing Good Feeling Thoughts has led me to a wonderful phenomenon; my mind is much more quiet! It feels as though I have spent my whole life in some busy crazy metropolis full of traffic and noise and busy-ness, and now I have retired to the peace and quiet of the countryside, only it is all taking place in my mind! 

Having a peaceful mind is the most wonderful gift I could ever have hoped to receive, except that I never expected it to be possible, or to be so simply achieved! After four months now of will-fully making the effort to mentally dwell in gratitude, to concentrate on that which fills my heart with gladness and to actively switch off destructive or unnecessary thoughts, I have reached a point where I am getting really good at being in the moment! 

This being in the moment is very exciting for me, in the past I was plagued with constant thought, my mind was overactive, continuously churning over and over the same old thoughts, constantly looking for new angles on the same old worn out stuff. I am now experiencing long periods of time where I get on with an activity like washing up or playing with my baby and to my delight my mind is quiet, the background chatter which used to harass me so much is gone and I find myself easily concentrating on what is at hand. 

I am so grateful for this new peace I have found, it is a wonderful gem, more precious than any material thing that I could ever think of. I really see now that being happy is completely achievable. My happiness is deep inside me, it is released when I remember to count my blessings. When I concentrate on that which I love, be it right in front of me in the form of my loved ones, the sky or the trees, or when I intently focus on worldly phenomena which enthrals or inspires me, joy is released inside me, I smile from ear to ear, I smile throughout my whole being, body and soul. 

Happiness takes work, and I am willing to work as hard as I can. 

Today I am thankful for really mossy tree trunks
I am thankful for the progress I am making on my journey to joy
I am thankful for my will to carry on
I am thankful for sightings of unusual creatures
I am thankful for my cosy boots
I am thankful for hot sand under my feet
I am thankful for the sound that caves make when I am inside them
I am thankful for finding pretty feathers
I am thankful for times when I stand on the edge of cliffs and look down and the funny feeling I get in my tummy
I am thankful for the sound bees make flying

love Klara. 

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  1. and an extra blessing and thanks from me..