Sunday, 18 March 2012

The Power of Being 100% In Your Body!


I just had such a great day! It is my birthday and I went to my grandma's one hundredth birthday party. It was lovely, my grandma was on super good form, lots of family came and we all ate and talked and enjoyed each others company. 

Today was another day for me of realising just how much it is the simple things in life which truly make me happy and glad to be alive. When I remember to be in my body, rather than in my mind thinking unnecessarily, I really get to experience the world in a very present way, and one of the things I am particularly enjoying at the moment is the sky. I love the sky, and as I drove along today to my grandmas I loved the sky so much that I found myself repeatedly exclaiming how beautiful it is!

It really struck me how much the world can be a magical visual experience if we allow it to be, and if we are present enough in our lives to really experience the moment. For me CHOOSING GOOD FEELING THOUGHTS is often about simply not choosing any thoughts at all! Sometimes all I need to do to feel wonderful is to stop thinking and start looking. Again I am finding myself recognising that thinking is a practical thing, in the same way that sewing is, it is useful for making things. I doubt that I would be a happy person if I compulsively sewed all the time! Imagine sewing from when you first opened your eyes in the morning until you fell asleep at night, sewing might become a burden and would probably be just as destructive as continuous compulsive thinking. 

Watching the world is beautiful, fulfilling, uplifting and heart warming. I am so grateful that I have eyes which work as well as they do, I feel so fortunate to be able to experience the world through my eyes, and I am so grateful to have learnt to still my thinking enough that I may truly see that which surrounds my physical body. 

The calmer and quieter my mind becomes the more able I am to spot and appreciate the things which make me truly happy. The simple things; I love the sky, I revel in the smiling faces of the people in the world, particularly my family, I am so grateful for my body, I am blessed with a wonderful fully working body with which to sense the world. Just concentrating on my body for a while and becoming fully aware of all the incredible things it does and is capable of blows my mind. I have plenty of delicious food to eat. I have a choice in what I do with my time. I am free. 

Freedom is a magnificent gift, the way I understand freedom is that I am free to think and feel exactly as I please, other beings can try to influence me, but ultimately only I choose what to think. I can choose to be grateful for everything that I have, or I can choose to lament that which I do not have. Gratitude feels wonderful, lamentation feels terrible. 

I choose gratitude and I love the way it makes me feel. I 
                         am grateful for gratitude! 

Today I am grateful for my grandmother
 I am grateful for all the wonderful food so lovingly prepared
 I am grateful for the diversity of human beings
 I am grateful for friendly family faces
 I am grateful for the magical magnificent movie of the sky
 I am grateful for the love which smiling spreads
 I am grateful for suddenly recognising the beauty of something which did not seem beautiful before
 I am grateful for my eyelashes
 I am grateful for play
 I am grateful for forgiveness

love Klara.