Monday, 5 March 2012

This is Your Life, Allow Yourself to Dream!


Does a time come when everything just fals into place? When all the pieces of the puzzle have been gathered together, when all the edge pieces have been linked, when the main picture begins to form, and I have finished sorting through all the seemingly identical blue pieces of sky, will the final piece just slide into place?

                                    How does it all work?

I am brought back to The Tool. What would I like to create? I would like to create a joyful life, a peaceful life. The Tool is my Imagination + Visualisation. 

I recently read an article about dreams, not the kind we have at night, but those wonderful things we aspire to, our deepest ambitions, our secret desires. 
It really struck me while I was reading it just how much I gave up on my dreams. Indeed there was a period of my life when I invited a large amount of derision from the people I encountered when I expressed my dreams and plans. I learnt not to tell anyone what I was hoping to achieve, and eventually I think I gave up altogether on my own aspirations and dreams. This was very sad for me, with the loss of my dreams I also lost my joie de vivre

I wonder how many people actually have the strength of character to remain true to their most passionate dreams when faced with a tirade of other people's limiting beliefs about what one can achieve?

Really it's neither here nor there! What is right here and right now, is the fact that THIS IS MY LIFE! May I just emphasise my life. What I would like to do and see in the world is very important (to me). What will my life be if I simply accept compromises? How will I feel on the eve of my death if none of my dreams are fulfilled, and I did not even allow myself to Dream?

We are here to dream, our minds and the thoughts in them are there so that we can create exactly what we would like to experience. The true nature and purpose of thought (I believe) is to enable us to dream, visualise and create what ever it is that we wish to experience while we are alive. This facility of the mind has in many cultures been put away and long forgotten, survival has become the perverse ideal of life. 

The most wonderful thing for me about dreaming and visualising, is the way it makes me feel; when I imagine the life I would like, the views from my home, the smiles on my family's faces, the joy in my heart, I feel fantastic!!! 

I honestly cannot say whether visualising what I would love to create in my life will bring it to me any quicker than it would come if I did not, but I can say for certain that visualising and imagining that I have it already feels wonderful

For me the most important thing in the whole world is how I feel. Everything else is secondary, If I feel great my world looks great, if I feel happy my encounters are happy, if I feel affectionate and loving people are affectionate and loving to me. Of this I am sure, I have had enough amazing experiences now to be able to make a positive correlation between good feelings on the inside and pleasant experiences in my outer world. 

I am certain that feeling miserable does not help me achieve anything, misery shuts me down, my world looks dark and people and opportunities radiate away from me.

I believe everything will fall into place eventually, just like doing a huge one thousand piece puzzle where the final picture is only to be found in my imagination. It takes time, slowly the wonderful picture is revealed, each piece falling into its place. As with my puzzle I will treat myself gently whilst holding my vision of what the picture will be at completion. I cannot even begin to understand the possible effect of my vision on the rest of the world, perhaps it will even bring beauty and wonder to other people too. 

While the vision is in my heart, it brings me great joy. While I use my imagination and my thoughts to form my vision, they are employed, occupied with good, productive, helpful, inspirational purpose. 

                         What would you love to create?

Today I am Thankful that my soul has no limits
I am Thankful for the blueness of the sky
I am Thankful for my fingernails
I am Thankful for the gladness that gratitude brings
I am Thankful fot the new buds of spring
I am Thankful for my imagination
I am Thankful for my washing machine
I am Thankful for my loving family
I am Thankful for the beauty of clouds
I am Thankful for my life

love Klara. 

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