Wednesday, 14 March 2012

Reasons to Be Cheerful 1,2,3!


I have had a very strange day! This morning I injured the big toe on my right foot and this afternoon my partner injured his thumb on his right hand.......
Both injuries were probably avoidable, brought on by inappropriate thoughts! By inappropriate I mean thoughts which could have been ignored; in my case the thought which led me to the action which caused my injury was downright moronic! My partner was rushing which I guess led to the action he took being less carefully calculated than he usually would have been. 

Our thoughts are not always perfect, in fact they are often a bit ridiculous! If I had a friend who sat next to me all day churning out thoughts at me the way my mind is wont to do, I think after a couple of hours I would tell her to please hush! 

I have been allowing my mind to ramble on less and less recently, since I started blogging about CHOOSING GOOD FEELING THOUGHTS, and as time goes on my mind comes up with less and less nonsense for me to deal with. 
Giving my full attention to myself in the present moment is key to my success in having a calm and quiet mind. It is when I allow my mind to drift into the thought world that I begin to suffer, the further into the thought world I allow myself to go, the less present I become in the physical world. 

It makes perfect sense to me now that I injured myself this morning; I allowed myself not only to slip into the thought world, but I was actually listening to my thoughts and believing what they were saying! This led to a serious error in my judgement! 
My thoughts often say things that lack perspective or are simply not true. I do wonder what is going on there? I have particularly noticed that when I have gone into strong reaction about something (I know it's hard to believe I'm not perfect!) the resultant thoughts which then accompany my angry feelings are generally totally outrageous, and were I to put voice to them I would probably get into a lot of trouble! Once I have calmed down it usually turns out that those reactionary thoughts are not true to my being anyway, I need not have thought them, they did not serve me. 

So I'm not perfect! I really don't mind. I love myself entirely, I even love the parts which have serious slides in judgement, indeed I believe that things which seem annoying or daft often lead to my learning. 

I feel even more determined to keep SHEPHERDING MY THOUGHTS, I am learning to guide my mind to peace and harmony. I am making substantial progress. I am glad of and proud of my achievements. 

This evening while I put my baby to sleep, I lay in bed and thought how much I love my feet, in particular how much I love my big toe on my right foot. I thought about every where my big toe and I have been, I thought about all the fun which has been possible for me simply because I have a big right toe. I smiled all the way through my being, I sang a little song of love and healing for my toe, I felt a very deep love for my body and in particular for my toe. 
When I got up half an hour later I noticed that my toe was feeling much better, the swelling has gone right down and even some of the bruising is gone. 

The mind is full of magical power, thoughts are powerful and of extreme significance in healing and well being. A body which is loved can heal much more quickly than one which is abused or neglected.

We are Powerful Beings, it is time we all recognised our power and the magnificence of being human. 

Today I am extremely Thankful for my beautiful feet
I am extremely Thankful for each of my toes on both of my feet
I am extremely Thankful for my sense of humour so I can see the funny side of my own daft moments
I am extremely Thankful for my healing
I am extremely Thankful for the love I feel for my body
I am extremely Thankful for people who train and work to help fix other peoples bodies when they are hurt
I am extremely Thankful for comfy boots
I am extremely Thankful for thick cosy socks
I am extremely Thankful for spicy hot foot baths
I am extremely Thankful for fantastic loving foot rubs

love Klara. 

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