Thursday, 8 March 2012

A Rampage of Appreciation for The Sky!


I am struggling to write a post today, I would like to share my world and my insights for this day, day seventy of my challenge to write a blog for 120 days. Again I find myself super tired after quite a long day, my baby is sleeping next to me and it is really my bed time. 

I guess feeling like I do (underwhelmed and tired) there is only one thing left to do!

               A Rampage of Appreciation!

This evening I am thankful for the mystery of life and in particular I am in love with the sky. I love the day time sky, I give thanks every morning when I open my eyes and open my curtains and have my first glimpse of the morning sky and what it will bring. I love the morning sky. 

I love the morning sky when it is a huge swirling pool of grey mist, I give thanks for the greyness which isn't really grey! I love the grey pink of those morning skies. I am thankful for the contrast which an entirely grey sky brings. 

I love the morning sky when it is filled with colour, I am thankful for the pinks, oranges, reds, purples and violets of the morning sky and the excitement it always brings me for that days weather! As a child I learnt the rhyme "red sky in the morning shepherd's warning" and I am thankful for the excitement that red sky now brings to my day. I have never worked out what the warning is about but I love the way it makes me feel to think of it anyway!

I am very grateful for the days when the sky is full blue, not a cloud to be seen anywhere, I love the beauty of that untouchable sky in all its blue glory. I give thanks for the blueness of that sky!

I also have huge gratitude for the days when there is a stunning blue sky and just a couple of little fluffy clouds are floating around in it like tiny sheep! I love those little sheep clouds, delicate and wafting. 

Of course on my rampage of appreciation for the wonderful magnificent sky I cannot forget the Sun, the mighty majestic spectacular sun. I love the sun, that incredible unthinkable unfathomable hot yellow ball in the sky, I give thanks for everything the sun does for me, the light it brings to my life, I love that my life is possible because of the sun! I love the heat the sun lends to my skin on warm days. I am thankful for the vitamin D the sun bestows upon my body too. 

The sky is so remarkable, I give great thanks for the evening skies, I love the evening skies, they fill my heart with joy and awe. The fantastical spectacle put on each night for our delight, a veritable feast for the eyes of colour and beauty, an ever changing eternally new picture of earthly beauty for which I give huge thanks. 

I give great thanks for the darkness of the night sky, the utter blackness of the sky on the dark moon, I love the total blackness where I can't even see my hand when I hold it out in front of me. I adore the dark night. 
And of course, I love the light nights too, I love to see the passing of the phases of the moon, the waxing and the waning. I love the moon, I love the moon, I looooove the moon, I give great thanks for the beauty of the moon.

I give huge thanks for the stars. Wow the stars absolutely blow me away! I love the stars, the magnificence of the stars fills my night eyes with wonder. I have great gratitude and thanks for the incredible firmament above my life, only visible at night but still amazingly there in the day!
I give great thanks for the incomprehensible beauty of the stars.

Thank you for the sky, I love the sky, the sky brings me such great Joy. 

I am so grateful for the power of a Rampage of Appreciation, having done that one, I now feel really a great deal happier. I felt tired and underwhelmed, and now I feel calm and peaceful, and I feel the beauty of appreciation. 

My life is so full of magnificence, so full of things to marvel upon, I love to give thanks and I love the joy it brings to my life. 

love Klara. 

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