Thursday, 15 March 2012

Let There Be Love!


Today is the seventy-seventh day that I have written my blog! 

How am I doing? I feel that I am doing just hunky dory thank you very much! I am very pleased with myself! Being English makes being pleased with myself a slightly uncomfortable feeling, it would be more usual, or more socially acceptable as an English woman to be modest and perhaps even say something a bit self-disparaging! 
But No! English or not, that is not what this blog is about! My life and this blog is about celebrating myself and the glory of being human! Modesty is not necessary, I threw it out along with misery and despair! I need to hear from the inside to the outside how much I love myself, to look in the mirror with admiration and to heal myself with self love. 

Writing posts about CHOOSING THOUGHTS instead of allowing my brain to chew over and over the same old thoughts unchecked has kept me on track. I have been able to learn how to focus my mind on the wonder and the beauty of life. 

I can now joyfully say that I have moved on from being a victim to unruly thoughts, I have discovered the joy of shepherding my thoughts through the dark forest and out the other side into the sunshine of life! I feel empowered in my mind, I am the captain of my ship! 

Today I have been thinking about love. watching my baby grow has been a wonderful gift for me and an opportunity to see exactly how nourishing love really is! My baby is nourished by love just as much, and perhaps even more, as she is by the life giving mothers milk which she drinks. I believe we are all nourished by love, as we grow up we receive love and affection from our families (ideally) and that love enables us to grow up strong and self reliant. 

I shower my baby with love, kisses, cuddles, warmth, affection, attention and approval, as a result my baby feels affirmed, safe and loved. As she grows this love and affirmation allows her to begin to leave my side and feel safe to explore the world. 
I believe we are supposed to learn to love ourselves, in the way that I love my children, I am supposed to be in love with myself also. Being in love with myself means that I treat myself with the same respect I would treat my children. I would be kind to myself, affectionate, gentle, loving and encouraging. Perhaps this sounds bizzarre to you, or perhaps it is obvious. For me this is a revelation. 

I need my own approval, and I need no one else's! For most of my life I have been seeking the approval of other people, when it was my own approval which would make all the difference to my enjoyment of life! No more seeking approval! 

I now commit to treating myself with the same respect, love and devotion that I shower on my children.I do my best, and I am well aware that my best differs from day to day, sometimes I get it wrong, but often I get it right! I am proud of my mothering. I am good at loving my children, so I cannot really fail to be a success at showing myself love! I intend to shine that mothering love on myself! 

I have a precious human life, I am not going to waste it! I am going to love every aspect of myself, the dark and the light, I am going to do my best to guide myself through life looking at all that is good in the world. The world is a beautiful place, and I am lucky to be alive! 

Today I have loving Gratitude for love!
I have loving Gratitude for my children
I have loving Gratitude for the blessing of life
I have loving Gratitude for my eyes
I have loving Gratitude for my lungs which magically breathe for me
I have loving Gratitude for the sun in the sky
I have loving Gratitude for olives
I have loving Gratitude for goats 
I have loving Gratitude for the myriad of uses of vinegar
I have loving Gratitude for my taste buds which bring such exquisite senstations to my experience of life

love Klara

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