Sunday, 11 March 2012

Our Precious Human Lives!


Hooray for another brilliant day! Again I am feeling very excited about the power of visioning. I spent quite a large proportion of today imagining what I would love as if I already have it, and I felt successful, joyful and peaceful for nearly the whole day! 

I am imagining myself to happy! What a fabulous use for the imagination! I am amazed it never occurred to me before in all my thirty-six years! I have always been such a dreamer, I am so surprised that I never tried out dreaming of what it would be like to be happy before! 

               What does happiness look and feel like?

Happiness is a purpley-blue evening sky, the first star arriving, children running and smiling in the park, my baby sleeping peacefully. Happiness is my tummy full, my water clean and pure, my body warm and comfortable. Happiness is my house quiet just before everyone returns from their sunday afternoon outings. Happiness is the stillness and warmth I feel in my Heart. Happiness is looking in the mirror, recognising my magnificence and loving myself. 

Happiness is simply resting exactly where and as I am, my mind contented for the simple reason that contentment is one of the infinite possibilities which I am capable of experiencing just by choosing it.

I had a powerful realisation today about how young I am! I was watching my baby play, she is eight months old and is absolutely determined to walk as soon as it is physically possible. As I watched her I thought about the tiny amount of time she has been in this physical body and how it won't be long before she has seen the turning of the whole cycle of the seasons. This led me to thinking about how many cycles of the seasons I have seen (thirty-seven almost). 

Somehow I was taken aback by how young I am! The Earth is 4 and a half billion years old, give or take a week or two (so they tell me), geologically speaking I am but an eyelash!

Suddenly it was abundantly clear to me that human lives are at their best about one hundred years long, one hundred seasons if we are fortunate enough! I felt very small, though not at all insignificant, and very grateful for everything that I have.

It was a moment of true clarity, I understood for a moment just how precious life is and it made me absolutely determined to CHOOSE HAPPINESS as much as is humanly possible. It now seems to me that anything else is a bit of a waste of time. Annoying things happen from time to time, and now I know that it is my job to move on from them in the shortest possible time! 

    "I have a precious human life, I am not going to waste it." 
         His Holiness the XIV Dalai Lama. 

Today I am Thankful for the forgiving nature of life itself
I am Thankful for warm spring days
I am Thankful for my baby's mohican
I am Thankful for the person who discovered that if you hang the metal shelf from the oven from your ears by threads on your fingers and bang it against something it makes incredible sounds
I am Thankful for the squeak of a cork just before it comes out of a nice bottle of port
I am Thankful for blowing raspberries on skin
I am Thankful for rainbows at poignant moments
I am Thankful for the smell of my baby's breath
I am Thankful for ancient stories from mystical places
I am Thankful for Love

love Klara.

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