Monday, 26 March 2012

Paradigm? What Paradigm?


Today I have been thinking about the limitations I have imposed upon myself by having beliefs, opinions or a world view. I was cooking dinner this evening and thinking about how my world view has changed over the last few days, weeks, months and years, and I noticed that I label my world view/ beliefs / opinions as my paradigm, and within each paradigm that I set for myself only the things which I believe in are possible. I am open to the possibility that it is possible that things I don't believe in may also happen. 

I think I may be tying myself in knots here because I already think that what I was going to say may have changed! 
So I decided to look up the concept of a 'paradigm shift', the first thing I found was an article on Thomas Kuhn who in 1962 coined and defined the concept, describing it as an intellectual revolution where one conceptual worldview is replaced by another.

This intrigues me, we all have world views! Our world views are shaped by our experiences and mine may be radically different from yours, or it may be similar, either way it is unlikely to be exactly the same. The thing which I am most interested in here is what I deem to be possible with my world view.

So, each time I grow new understandings about the world, each time my world view broadens or shifts and changes I am having a paradigm shift, into a new paradigm with its own new set of limitations. So it occurred to me that the paradigm I would really like to shift into is the one where there is no paradigm! A world view where I have no world view! No expectations, where as my partner likes to say; there is no banana!  

If I am willing to accept that things I don't believe to be possible may happen, surely that means that beliefs are a bit pointless! I would like to walk the earth with my eyes open to the present, looking always at what is right now. I don't want to see this moment with the glasses of yesterday or twenty years ago! I don't want to fit reality into whatever it most closely resembles in my memory bank! I want to see what is really there, in the same way a baby looks at her hands and truly sees them, not the concept of a hand but an actual hand! 

We all agree that a hand is a hand, and a banana is a banana, a banana therefore is just an agreement between humans. There is so much in life that depends upon us making agreements with each other and ourselves. Many years ago I agreed to somebody else's ideas about what could be forgiven, and what could not. I am ready to move on now. I am ready to throw away paradigms! I am throwing away the banana, who knows what fruit I will discover next!

Today I am Thankful for oranges, apples and pears
I am Thankful for kiwis, limes and lemons
I am Thankful for melons, pineapples and grapes

I am Thankful for colours
I am Thankful for beetroots
I am Thankful to all the people who disagree with me
I am Thankful for my commitment to write my blog
I am Thankful for being myself
I am Thankful that my forgiveness is growing
I am Thankful that I can forgive myself and that I don't have to be sorry forever! 

love Klara. 

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