Saturday, 10 March 2012

A Magnificent Day!


I have had a really interesting day, I have been experimenting with visioning. I was pleasantly surprised by the results! I received pretty much exactly what I passionately excitedly envisioned! 

What I enjoyed the most about this experience was the visioning part, I imagined what I would love to happen as if I already had it, and while I concentrated upon what I wanted to experience I felt fantastic, elated, excited and very peaceful. 

I really feel that had the vision not become manifest that I still would have continued to feel at peace, it really just felt like a bonus to receive what I had dreamed of. The most important part for me throughout the experience was the way I felt, after all my paramount objective is to feel happy regardless of my external reality

While I went about my day feeling excitement and anticipation, I experienced the phenomena whereby all the other happenings around me were harmonious, friendly and pleasing, it seems to me that the energy I am putting out is received in such a way that other people feel my joy and respond accordingly. 

Of course there is no way of knowing whether everyone around me simply coincidentally felt joyful, generous and buoyant. I am sure there are people who would like to believe in coincidence (as in a happening purely by chance), but I am not one of them! The word coincidence interests me, at first glance the definition from the Oxford dictionaries is a concurrence of events without apparent causal connection, however on closer inspection the older meaning of the word is something more like "to occupy the same space" or to "agree". Well I certainly encountered a lot of people today who were occupying the same space!

For me today, I have a kind of cavalier "what does it matter?" feeling! If my intense visions make themselves manifest and people treat me with kindness and respect while I walk the Earth feeling wonderful on the inside then I have no need to prove anything or convince anyone else of the beauty of my own experiences. 

I have had a wonderful day, I felt wonderful, my day was filled with happy smiling people, I have no need for anything else!

My mission of Choosing Good Feeling Thoughts is really working for me, I have made it through the winter to the spring, and most days with a broad smile on my face, and unlike other years when I have simply survived the winter, this year I have sailed through the dark season with panache, style and Joy!  

One of the things I am the most thankful about this special time, is that without the drama of thinking unnecessarily and experiencing the resultant overwhelming feelings of despair and despondency, I have been able to identify the parts of my story which need attention, and now I can devote the time to my inner healing that is necessary to my development. 

I feel very fortunate.

Today I am Thankful for the path that led me to this place
I am Thankful to all the people who have helped me along the way
I am Thankful for the hard times for giving the startling contrast with the easy times!
I am Thankful for my willingness to learn
I am Thankful for the moon in the sky constantly changing the world around it
I am Thankful for the long lines of ants walking around my garden in summer
I am Thankful that I have learnt to move on quickly from disappointment
I am Thankful for bumble bees
I am Thankful for my crazy thick hair
I am Thankful for being me

love Klara. 

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